Use these Distracted Driving Resources to help prevent Distracted Driving.

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10 Tips To Help Prevent Distracted Driving
April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
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Dangerous Distractions That Can Easily Cause an Orlando Accident
Distracted driving can be difficult to prove in court in Florida - Speak with an Attorney and don't get wronged twice!
Distracted Driving in Florida: Who’s Most Likely to Do It?
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Drowsy Driving Prevention Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week
Five Ways You Can Help Stop Texting While Driving to Avoid a Florida Auto Accident
Florida Auto Attorney Comments on Texting and Driving Accidents
Frequently Asked Questions About Distracted Driving
Frequently Asked Questions About Distracted Driving Accidents
Important Facts about Texting & Driving that could Save your Life behind the Wheel
Mornings Prove to be the Deadliest for Drowsy Driving Accidents
New Apple Technology Blocks users from Texting and Driving
New Survey Reveals Internet Use While Behind the Wheel on the Rise
Orlando Accident Attorney: Eating While Driving Elevates Risk of a Serious Accident
Personal grooming while driving puts everyone on the road at risk of injury. If another driver has caused an accident that has resulted in an injury hold them accountable!