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Three Maintenance Tips to Prevent Florida Driver Car Accidents While Out of State in Winter Weather

Florida is one of the lucky states in the country where the weather remains warm and basically frost-free throughout the year. But for drivers heading out of town by car for a trip into winter weather, Florida driver car accidents are not uncommon. This is not usually due to the driver’s inability to maneuver a vehicle in winter weather, but instead because the vehicle is not properly maintained to be able to handle ice and snow.

Here are three maintenance tips every driver in Florida should know in order to prevent a car crash while on a road trip in winter weather.

  1. Check the anti-freeze—Anti-freeze is an important part of keeping engines running properly and preventing them from freezing over. A radiator should be filled with half anti-freeze and half water to keep your car running properly in below-freezing temperatures. Local maintenance shops can usually check this for you before you hit the road.
  2. Check your windshield wiper fluid—Another important fluid that your car needs to help you drive safely is windshield wiper fluid. This is an important thing to have in any Florida car—both for winter weather and year-round driving—as one of the best ways to prevent winter and Florida car accidents is by having a clear line of vision. Windshield wiper fluid will not freeze so there is no need to add anything extra when going out of town.
  3. Check your tires—Tires are made to grip to the road, especially in rain, snow and ice. If your tires are older and the tread on them has worn down, there is a good chance that when you need your tires to grip the most, they will leave you sliding across the highway and you may end up in a car crash. If you are not sure about your tires, ask your local mechanic to look at them before you hit the road.

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While on the road, proper car maintenance is important to prevent car crashes in Florida and in other states where you may hit more winter-like conditions. If you are involved in a car accident in Florida or any other state, contact our Florida auto accident attorneys for help with your case.

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