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Three Myths About Back Pain After a Florida Car Crash

We hear from quite a few people who come into our office suffering from back pain. This is some of the most frustrating pain because it can be so debilitating that it stops you from working, sleeping or doing the things you used to love. But not all back pain is caused in the same way and this has made it so that a number of myths about these injuries have come out.

Here are some of the common myths we have heard regarding back pain following an auto accident in Florida.

  1. Back pain can’t happen to someone if there was no damage to the car –The damage to the car and the damage to your body are independent of each other. Many cars are designed so that they can take quite a bit of impact without yielding physical damage. This does not mean that the impact was not strong enough to cause your body to jolt out of alignment and put strain on your muscles.
  2. Seatbelts eliminate your risk for back pain as a result of a car accident –Safety belts are put in cars to stop you from being ejected or flying too far forward so that your body is severely injured. However, these belts can stop your body from flying forward and snap you back upright very quickly. This can cause your back to tense up and the muscles to be damaged.
  3. I don’t have to go to the doctor for back pain if I don’t feel it until a few days later –Back pain is sneaky and it can take some time to appear. That’s why seeing a doctor immediately after the accident is a good idea. They can tell if you are at risk for back pain and help you be more proactive about your treatments, eliminating the amount of pain you will experience.

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