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5 Reasons Why You Should File an Accident Claim as Soon as Possible

Why file a claim so soon after your car accident? While you have four years in which to file a personal injury lawsuit, waiting too long could present a number of challenges for your case. Consider the following five advantages of filing sooner rather than later.

Fresh Evidence

Reports, medical records and photographs can be lost, cars can be repaired, and debris from a collision will be cleaned up shortly after the car accident. Pursuing your case quickly may make evidence collection easier and help ensure you collect vital pieces of evidence to demonstrate the other party’s negligence.

Clear Memories

Recollection of the accident is another reason why filing a claim with an experienced car accident lawyer soon after the incident can be helpful. If you provide your account of the accident shortly after the incident, your memory and recollection of events may be more vivid and consequently, more reliable and convincing. The same is true of witnesses, who also may be more difficult to locate the longer you wait.

Avoid Desperation Settlements

Insurance companies know that your bills likely are piling up after you’ve been involved in an accident. They may use this to try to convince you to settle for a lower amount by offering a low-ball settlement that may be attractive to someone with lots of bills to pay. File sooner, and I’ll work with you to arrive at a fair estimation of your current and future bills to avoid accepting low-ball settlement offers.

Pay Your Bills Sooner

In that same vein, if your accident merits a lawsuit, you’ve probably acquired some hefty medical or hospital bills, not to mention the financial losses associated with missed wages if you’re unable to work. Filing earlier may help you reach a settlement sooner so you can pay your bills and account for future medical or rehabilitation costs.

Why did you wait?

Sadly, frivolous lawsuits are not uncommon. If you wait years to file your lawsuit, it may raise questions regarding the legitimacy of your lawsuit even if you file within the four-year statute of limitations. Avoid the confusion – contact me, attorney Michael T. Gibson, to get started filing a claim today!

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