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Are Red Light Cameras Helpful in Preventing an Orlando Accident?

You know the intersections. They are the ones with the red light cameras where everyone fears for a hefty fine if they cross only a second too late into the intersection.

Installed with intent to reduce the numbers of fatal Orlando car accidents at intersections, these cameras have received mixed reactions. Some people believe they help stop drivers in a hurry, while others feel they have the potential to cause even more accidents from some drivers stopping too suddenly in order to avoid a ticket.

To help answer this question, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety set out to study the efficacy of red light cameras. The study has been deemed flawed because of the methodology used. The study determined that cities with red light cameras had a lower rate of fatal accidents. However, when correctly interpreted by numerous other organizations including the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the data reveal red light cameras actually lead to a higher rate of fatalities from accidents than those cities without the cameras.

So why would the IIHS want to release a flawed study?

Some suggest that it could be to increase its revenues. The IIHS profits from the sale and use of red light cameras. Insurance companies give money to the IIHS and each time a ticket is given through this system, the IIHS has the potential to benefit.

Although a comparison of specific intersections that use red light cameras to those that do not use red light cameras has been proven to show a negative impact from these systems, many cities continue to install and implement the systems.

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