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Help Prevent an Orlando Accident With These Must-Know Parking Lot Safety Tips

Snowbirds come to Orlando every year to escape the bitter cold and enjoy some of the warm Florida weather. If you are a snowbird, you have likely experienced the difficulty with parking lots. With the amount of chaos and last minute decisions by drivers, auto accidents in Orlando parking lots are not uncommon.

Here are five tips to keep you and others safe from these types of collisions:

  1. If possible, park away from congestion –Congested parking lots can quickly lead to an Orlando auto accident. If you are able to park farther away where there are fewer cars, you will be able to help prevent a collision.
  2. Put all distractions aside –Orlando is a new city for many snowbirds. As you adjust to finding your way around town, it is not uncommon to use a GPS device or look down at directions to know where to go. Read the information you need before you leave so that you can drive distraction free from the minute you leave your parking space.
  3. Slow down and stay vigilant –Drive slowly! People sometimes assume that they have the right of way to step in front of your vehicle. Children in particular pay less attention in parking lots and can dart out in front of your car. Never assume a pedestrian is going to stop.
  4. Buckle your seat belt –Although you should not be traveling at a high speed, an Orlando accident that occurs at a low speed can still lead to injuries. Buckle your seatbelt to help prevent these injuries.
  5. Turn on your headlights –Your headlights, even during daylight hours, make it easier to see your vehicle. This is particularly true in parking garages or when it is overcast outside.

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