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How to Avoid a Distracted Driver Car Accident in Florida

It is very common for Florida car crashes to be caused by a distracted driver. In the United States as a whole, distracted drivers account for as many as one-quarter to one-half of the estimated 5.25 million car crashes that occur each year. In 2009, approximately 5,500 people died as a result of accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Numerous ad campaigns have been developed to help prevent the tragic losses caused by distracted drivers. When you’re at the wheel, you can lower your risk of being involved in a distracted driver crash in Florida by doing the following:

  • Staying off your hand-held device.The use of hand-held devices has become a huge issue in terms of driver safety. Some reports have shown that texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. If you need to make a call while you are driving, find a safe place to pull over before making the call. A great device to use while driving is an earpiece. Earpieces are often reasonably priced and are available in wireless models. If you have an incoming text, wait until you are off the road to read it and reply.
  • Avoid rubbernecking.Many people like to see what is happening as they drive by a crash or police vehicles on the side of the road. As tempting as it may be to slow down and look, refrain from doing so. A study found that rubbernecking contributes to approximately 16 percent of all distracted driver wrecks. When you notice something on the side of the road, stay focused on the road ahead as you normally would.
  • Keep passengers under control.Passengers, especially young children and teens, can become rowdy or restless. Before driving with your passengers, explain to them the importance of not becoming a distraction.

Get Help With Your Injuries After An Orlando Auto Accident

Staying focused and not becoming distracted while driving can save your life and the lives of others. If you have been involved in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an Orlando car crash attorney at Auto Justice Attorney for a free case evaluation.

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