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Orlando Personal Injury Attorney for Car Accident Help When Insurance Acts in Bad Faith

An Orlando personal injury attorney can help with a car accident insurance dispute if the insurance company is unnecessarily denying or delaying your claim. This is a bad faith insurance claim in which an insurance adjuster may attempt to reduce claim value or fail to recognize a claimant’s right to collect an insurance claim. They say that in business, you don’t get rich by writing checks, and insurance companies are definitely in business.

How Insurance Companies May Mistreat Clients

When we talk about client mistreatment by insurance companies, we are often referring to a failure to pay a claim or significantly reducing claim value. While a claim seems reasonably straightforward, the claims process can be anything but!

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) has released two reports of just how the insurance industry seeks to keep your money in their hands.

The first report, titled “The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America,” details the tactics of some well-known firms (AllState, State Farm, and AIG, just to name a few). The report notes instances in which insurance companies find any excuse to deny a claim, such as ordering reassessments or rejecting assessments or medical evaluations with which they did not agree.

Confusing language and complex terms are another way that insurance companies may try to confuse consumers or trick claimants into accepting low-ball settlements. The second document is a consumer pamphlet titled, “Tricks of the Trade,” which explains some of the more specific tactics for the layperson: in 2005 after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, insurance companies twisted their complex, confusing, and densely worded contracts in their favor and denied customers’ claims based on something called an “anti-concurrent clause.”

The International Risk Management Institute defines an anti-concurrent clause as “A term in a first-party policy that indicates that a loss caused by a combination of covered and excluded causes of losses will not be covered.” If that sounds too unbelievably sneaky to be true, well, you’re not alone in thinking so: the AAJ called the clause “obscure.”

What you Stand to Lose

Whether you’ve lost property or suffered a personal injury, the insurance companies are obligated to investigate claims in good faith and provide compensation when warranted. However, because many of these companies are more interested in protecting their bottom lines than in fulfilling their obligations to claimants, you may run the risk of accepting a reduced settlement offer, or of being denied any money at all.

Seeking legal counsel with an Orlando personal injury attorney for car accidents is a good resource for discussing and avoiding these bad faith practices.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

An Orlando personal injury attorney for car accidents will understand insurance law and can recognize insurance company stall tactics or other bad faith insurance practices. Your Orlando personal injury attorney for car accident cases can help you through the process to ensure the insurance company plays by the rules.

If you’re being mistreated by an insurance company and dealing with a car insurance dispute, call me today. You’ve honored the terms of your policy, and now it’s time that the insurance company do the same. Call me to set up a consultation with an Orlando personal injury attorney who can help with your car accident claim and help you deal with any bad faith insurance practices as they arise (888) 465-1577.

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