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An auto accident, or other tragic event can lead to life-altering injuries. The consequences, medical treatment and expense of the same can last a life-time. When facing a catastrophic loss or life-altering injury, it is important that you have an attorney and firm, that understands the impact and long-term effects these cases present. Cases involving life-altering injuries or death, require an in-depth investigation as to all available recovery sources. They also require a methodical and organized approach to making sure that a recovery will obtain the necessary medical and financial resources that victims of these incidents require. That is because injuries of this nature often require medical treatment and attention for life. Among the common life-altering injuries we see are the following:

Michael T. Gibson, P.A., Auto Justice Attorney, has a special division of the law firm dedicated to only these types of cases. The division is led by the firm’s President and Lead Attorney, Michael T. Gibson, and his wife, Jennefer Gibson. Michael and Jennefer have dedicated their profession lives to aiding and assisting families and accident victims who have suffered life-altering injuries. As a team in life, and at work, they combine their unique talents and skill sets, to give victims of life-altering injuries a chance at the best financial recovery possible in the case.

Our philosophy in these types of cases is to do whatever we can to help the family grieve or tend to their loved one, while we navigate the legal process for you. Often times, we end up dealing with a number of issues that another law firm might not handle. For example, intervening with your hospital or medical providers to make sure they are billing the correct insurance, and preventing any collection actions against you. Or using our Public Relations team, to deflect the media away from you and your family. These are things that don’t necessarily generate a financial recovery, but they take stress, worry and burden away from what is already an unimaginable situation.

Mr. Gibson has ten-year’s experience in litigating and handling significant personal injury cases of all types. During that time, he has obtained multiple seven-figure verdicts and settlements. As an associate of a large Central Florida Plaintiff’s personal injury firm, Mr. Gibson worked primarily on the firm’s most significant cases. He has experience in handling high-value auto accident, construction accident, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and products liability cases. For the last seven years, Mr. Gibson has focused his practice on auto accident and wrongful death cases. He is AV-Rated by Martindale Hubble – the highest rating for legal and ethical abilities. He has further been named as a Super Lawyers Rising Start for last four years. For Mr. Gibson, it all goes back to having gone through it in his own life and family. He understands what it is like to get a phone call and realize that all-of-a-sudden, and for no reason, your life is going to be forever changed due to someone else’s carelessness. I have also lost a loved one due to negligence. Through this experience, he understands the emotions – the sadness, the feelings of grief and loss, and the anger that is present in these situations.

Mrs. Gibson also began her career at the same firm as Mr. Gibson. She entered the legal profession as a case manager after graduating from UCF in 2004. She quickly became one of the firm’s most trusted and valued paralegals. Jennefer is a skilled negotiator, and has a unique ability to figure out and deal with the most complicated of medical billing situations. These traits made her invaluable to Michael T. Gibson, P.A., during the construction of the practice in 2009 and 2010. Many of the firm’s successful systems were designed by Jennefer. She remains the head paralegal in the firm, and is in charge of the firm’s entire presuit operation.

Mr. and Mrs. Gibson have always handled the firm’s most significant cases since its inception. During that time, they have crafted the methods and systems that they believe yield the best results for significant accident and injury victims. Financial recovery is usually only half the battle. The large medical bills, hospital liens, insurance company liens, and complex Medicare and Medicaid issues presented by these cases often offer the greatest challenges. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson are prepared to walk victims and their families through this complicated process, and work to provide a plan that will allow the greatest financial recovery for victims in these cases.

Life alerting injuries can arise from a number of accidents including:

Get The Help You Need After A Life Altering Injury

If you or a loved one are faced with a life-altering injury or loss of a loved one due to another’s negligence, it would be our honor to help you. As a family, it is our mission to help other families in their time of need. It is a tough job in that we cannot ever make it right, or give you back everything that you lost.

However, we will use all of our God-given abilities to get you the best result possible, and to get you answers to the complicated and worrisome questions that these types of injuries and cases present. More than anything, our main job is take as much off your plate as we can, and allow you to focus on your family, and the mental and emotional and physical recovery that lies ahead.

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