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Cell Phone Safety Tips That Could Spare You From an Orlando Accident

Driving while on your cell phone is perfectly legal in Florida. However, this is not a recommended practice, especially for those who are uncomfortable while using their mobile devices and driving.

Each day, hundreds of people in Orlando talk or text on phones while driving. Before you reach for your cell phone to make a call, here are a few safety tips you should remember to keep yourself, your passengers, and those you share the road with safe from an Orlando accident.

  1. Make driving (not your phone) your priority– Although you may be anxious to speak with someone calling you, if you are driving in a work zone or area where it is not easy to quickly answer a call, don’t answer. Your priority should always be the road first. Do not put your life, or other motorists’ lives, at risk for any call.
  2. Do not take notes while on a call– If you do answer your phone, do not try to multi task and take notes while driving. If you must take notes, pull to the side of the road where you are safe and stop operating your vehicle until you are able to focus.
  3. Limit the length and emotion of the conversations– Long conversations can cause you to tune out. Emotional conversations can put you in the wrong state of mind to be driving. Limit your conversations and the emotions in your conversations. Save long and meaningful phone calls for a time when you can focus on the call.

Although it is not illegal to use your cell phone while driving, it is important that you keep your focus on the road and limit your usage of your mobile device. If someone who was distracted by his cell phone while driving has hurt you, it is important that you put an experienced Orlando auto accident attorney on your side.

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