Food Safety Tips for Tailgating From Michael T. Gibson, P.A.

College football season brings with it the age old tradition of tailgating. Eager fans gather in parking lots across America to enjoy burgers, barbecue and a variety of snacks and beverages prior to the big game. These parking lot parties are increasing in number and size each year. Before the pre-game activities commence, remember these food safety tips at your next tailgate.

  • Temperature. To prevent any potential health problems, you will need to keep food at safe temperatures. Cold foods must be kept below 40 °F, while hot foods must be kept at 140 °F or higher.
  • Sanitation. Avoid cross-contamination between meats and other foods. Always wash your hands with soap and water before and after handling raw meat. Have separate cutting boards and utensils for your raw meats. Securely wrap all meat, poultry or fish that may leak before placing them in the cooler. Make sure these foods are at 40° F or below.
  • Pack and travel safely. Begin by packing food in well-insulated coolers and use plenty of ice and ice packs to keep foods cold. Use separate coolers for drinks. Keeping the food cooler closed will allow it to retain at a colder temperature. Make sure and pack up the night before and have a list of items you can check off as you pack.
  • Serve safely. After you have arrived at your tailgate site, never let food sit out, especially in hot weather. Keep food in coolers stocked with plenty of ice until you are ready to cook. Use a digital food thermometer when grilling to ensure you cook ground meats to an internal temperature of at least 160°F; steaks to at least 145°F, pork chops and tenderloin steaks to at least 160°F, and chicken to at least 180°F. Serve immediately and use clean plates for food that is coming off the grill. When cleaning up, discard food that has been left out for more than one hour in temperatures exceeding 90°F, or has been sitting for more than two hours.

At the law firm of Michael T. Gibson we want you to have a safe and happy football season! Remember these safety necessities at your upcoming tailgate: First aid kit, grilling accessories, extra charcoal, lighter fluid, food thermometer, oven mitts, plenty of ice, trash bags, soap, water for clean-up and dousing hot coals, paper towels, mini-flashlight, masking tape, Ziploc bags, ponchos, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and of course plenty of food and drinks.

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