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Four Common Causes of Orlando Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle in Florida can be an amazing experience. Florida’s year-round sunshine and warm weather make motorcycling a very enjoyable means of transportation. And, there’s the added benefit of lower fuel costs, with the average motorcycle getting around 35 to 40 miles per gallon.

The downfall of riding a motorcycle is that it can be dangerous—much more dangerous than driving a car. Motorcycle accidents have a much higher death rate than car accidents do. When compared with cars on a per-mile basis, the rate of fatalities associated with motorcycles is an estimated 35 times higher. This is because motorcycles lack the protection (e.g., seatbelts, the metal frame, and airbags) that a car provides.

Some common causes of Florida motorcycle accidents are:

  • Cars making a left turn.This is the number one threat to motorcyclists, accounting for an estimated 42 percent of all accidents involving a motorcycle and a car. Usually, the turning car strikes the approaching motorcycle as the motorcycle is heading straight through an intersection. Car drivers who are waiting at an intersection to make a left turn often don’t see an approaching motorcycle and consequently turn in front of the bike, either directly hitting the motorcycle or causing the motorcyclist to brake too abruptly and lose control.
  • Lane splitting.When a motorcyclist drives between two lanes, it’s known as lane splitting. Usually, this maneuver occurs in stopped or slow-moving traffic. Because the motorcyclist is so close to other vehicles, there is little room for error. In addition, car drivers do not anticipate motorcycles driving around them in such a way.
  • Speeding and alcohol.Approximately half of all motorcycle accidents that involve only the motorcycle are caused by alcohol or speeding, not unlike crashes involving other types of vehicles.
  • Hitting a fixed object.Roughly one-fourth of motorcycle fatalities involve the bike running into a fixed object. This figure is considerably higher than the corresponding percentage for cars because of the lack of protection the motorcycle provides.

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