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Lower Body Trauma: Common Injuries in Front End Car Collisions in Florida

Some of the most common injuries people hear about after a car wreck in Florida are those involving traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord trauma. While these are very common, lower body injuries are more frequent than many people realize, particularly in Florida front end car collisions.

When a person is involved in a car accident in Orlando where the front of the car is damaged, the bones and muscles in the feet up to the hips are typically injured upon impact. The following are some of the most common injuries associated with these types of accidents.

  • Feet– Your foot is what pushes on the pedal to accelerate and to brake. When your foot brakes suddenly you tend to put an immense amount of pressure on the brake pedal and therefore onto your foot as well. This pressure is then hit during the front end collision, causing the small bones in your foot to break easily.
  • Knees– Your knee is another bone that is close to objects that can cause an impact and therefore a broken bone. The steering wheel and dashboard are all close by the knee so when they are pushed inward after a collision, it is not uncommon for the knee cap to crack or muscles around the knee cap to be injured.
  • Hips and legs– If your feet or knees are hit, your legs and hips are pushed inward as well in an unnatural way. When this happens, fractures can occur, leaving your lower body in significant pain that can put you out of work for weeks.
  • Lower back– The hip bone connects directly to your spine. If your hip is jolted violently or even fractured, having a herniated disc in your lower spine is not uncommon.

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