Common Reasons Other Drivers Don’t Pay After a Florida Car Accident

Car accidents in Orlando take an emotional and physical toll on everyone involved. For low velocity accidents especially, once the damages have been assessed and the drivers and passengers have all said that they are ok at the moment, one of the most common questions that each driver asks is who was responsible for the Florida car collision. After all, the person responsible is the one who must pay for the other party’s medical bills and repairs.

In some cases, fault is admitted right away. Still, it is not uncommon for a driver to change their mind about their level of responsibility after they leave the scene of an accident and therefore, it is important to take some precautions up front to avoid ending up in court and having to file a lawsuit down the road to get compensation for your Orlando car accident.

Here are some of the reasons some drivers change their mind and fail to take full responsibility for the accident.

  • Hear from insurance that they are not responsible—In some cases, the other driver may promise not to contact their insurance company for the damages and just pay out of pocket. This can quickly change and if they do end up calling their insurance company, they are more likely to hear that there is a good chance of you accepting some responsibility. This can cause them to change their mind and come after you for a portion of the costs.
  • See cost of repair or medical bills—If the other driver sees the damage on the scene of the accident and does not think it is very extensive or will be too expensive, they may agree to pay for it out of pocket. That is, until they see the actual repair costs you are facing. This causes many people to change their minds and file a claim with their insurance after all.
  • Want to avoid an insurance spike—If a claim is filed with the insurance, the party filing the claim will want to avoid an insurance spike so he may suddenly stop accepting full responsibility and instead try to keep his insurance rates lower by coming after you.

Hire an Experienced Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer

There are many tricks that can be played by the insurance company and other drivers that can end up costing you more money and time. At the scene of a Florida car accident, avoid believing a person is accepting full responsibility. Instead, get the necessary information and contact one of our Orlando car accident lawyers to help you with your case.

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