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Watch Out for These Typical Orlando Road Hazards for Motorcyclists

You love getting on your bike and hitting the open road, but the idea of an Orlando motorcycle accident is almost unbearable. While you take in the scenery of beautiful Florida, you remain cautious of the drivers around you to help prevent a crash. This is a lot to watch out for and many riders forget to take caution for road hazards that could be just as dangerous as other cars on the road.

Motorcycles face unique risks of being inherently unstable. With only two wheels to stay upright, riders must be aware of certain road conditions that could cause a bike to quickly turn on its side leaving the rider seriously injured. Here are the top three road conditions that could lead to an Orlando motorcycle crash:

  • Potholes– These are perhaps the top road hazards that tend to cause Orlando motorcycle accidents. When a motorcycle hits a pothole, the front tire is not supported by a secondary tire to keep the bike upright. In this case, a pothole big enough, deep enough, or hit at just the right angle can cause the bike to flip.
  • Drainage Grates –Drainage grates are a common site around Orlando, but they are dangerous if not approached with caution. Motorcyclists should ride slowly over the drainage grates and stay aware of any seams or grooves that could cause the bike to overturn.
  • Train Tracks –Train tracks can be especially dangerous, particularly when the tracks are exposed and uneven. If a tire catches a train track in the wrong way, a motorcycle can lose control and the front tire can turn suddenly causing the bike to crash.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

Road hazards can be extremely dangerous and in many cases, these hazards combined with poor driving of other motorists, can leave you with serious injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash in Orlando and need help getting compensation for your claim, contact a an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. The trusted team at Auto Justice Attorney has helped many riders get the compensation they are entitled to. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation: 407-422-4529.

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