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Dangerous Distractions That Can Easily Cause an Orlando Accident

April 2013 is distracted driving awareness month, and in preparation we wanted to post the results of a recent study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA). Many drivers mistakenly believe that distracted driving only entails interacting with a smartphone or mobile device while driving. Although this is one of the top five Orlando accident-causing distractions, it is not number one.

Here are the top five most common distractions that drivers admitted to doing in a phone survey which have the potential to lead to a car accident in Orlando.

  1. Talking to other passengers– Surprisingly, this ranked as the most common distraction that caused drivers to get into accidents. People talking to others in the car are less focused on the road and more likely to be in a crash.
  2. Adjusting the radio –Looking down to see the radio and change stations takes your eyes off the road for long enough to put you in danger of causing an accident.
  3. Eating or drinking –Eating or drinking while driving can distract you by taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Try to wait until you have reached your destination before grabbing a quick snack.
  4. Using a cell phone –Cell phones used to navigate, text, talk, on or listen to music distract drivers and keep them from paying close enough attention behind the wheel.
  5. Interaction with a child in the back seat –Parents need to discipline their children while driving. This is very distracting, especially when the kids are in the back seat.

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