Daytona Beach Auto Insurance Claims Attorney Shares Some News on the PIP Law Mess

I just returned from a seminar on the New PIP Auto Insurance Law, and boy do I wish I had better news. The bill is currently awaiting Govenor Scott’s signature to become law. As it waits the same, a major, major glitch was discovered in the bill. Check this article out which describes this mess:

The problem – there are inconsistent provisions in the bill which as of July 1, 2012, could render several legitimate providers ineligible for PIP. As it stands under the letter of this law, right now, a provider would have to be a licensed clinic, and have billed PIP for the past 3 years, in order to continue to bill PIP. Several legitimate providers very well may not have this licensure, simply because they were exempt in the past. These could include doctor or chiropractor owned facilities as well, if they do not have the licensure and been filing PIP claims for the past three years.

Sound like a mess – that’s because it is. This is what happens when politicians make up laws in the middle of the night.

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The solution – the Governor should veto and kill this bad bill and bring lawmakers back to Tallahassee to really try to get this right. They should kill PIP, and mandate BI. Will that happen, probably not. Why, ask the Governor and the insurance companies.

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