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Doctor and Lawyer Games to Avoid with Your Orlando Car Accident Case

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The story below details how one lady’s trial turned from a trial about compensation for her injuries from an auto accident to a trial about whether or not her lawyer and her doctor were committing some type of insurance fraud by inflating charges. Let me say, I do not in any way or fashion 100% believe anything that has been published in the media on this story. I know the attorney State Farm is using in this case – He believes anything and everything is fraud – so not the best source.

Still, the case presents a good lesson to accident victims on something else you have to watch out for when hiring an Orlando car accident lawyer for your Orlando car accident case. Make sure you understand the relationship, if any, your doctor has with that law firm. Every attorney is going to have doctors they know and trust their patients to more than others. Ask them why. Is it all just business, or is the quality of care and handling of medical bills by that doctor the reason for the referral.

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