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Does the Color of Your Car Put You More at Risk of an Orlando Car Accident?

Colors play an enormous role in our driving behavior. From the red of brake lights and traffic signals, to the bright yellow of warning signs, we pay attention to the colors on the road. On and off the road, color has a psychological impact on how we behave.

To determine how color impacted our behavior on the road, AAA published a report that looked at car color and driver safety. This took data from two studies that analyzed car color in association with the traffic collisions. What it determined is that there is very little research done on car color and traffic safety.

For example, many people assume yellow is one of the safest colors because it is used for school buses. However, the AAA study noted that when the National Conference on School Transportation chose the color yellow for buses, there was no mention made or research done on traffic safety and the color yellow. The same is true for the color red.

In one of the studies that AAA cited in their research report, done by Furness, in Auckland, New Zealand, more information was found about the role of car color and traffic accidents. Here are some of the findings from the report.

  • Silver– This study found that silver cars tend to be in fewer accidents that lead to injury. This contradicts many assumptions that silver cars are seemingly invisible to people and animals.
  • White– This color seemed to be in middle-ground in terms of accidents. Silver cars were half as likely to get in car accidents as white cars, while other colors were twice as likely.
  • Black, Brown, and Green– Each of these colors showed to be twice as likely as white cars to be involved in serious-injury car accidents. Another study done in Spain confirmed this same finding that darker colored cars are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents.

The Furness study was done using data from Auckland. This region does not get snow throughout the year, which might be a factor in car color and traffic safety. Because the study was done in a similar climate to Central Florida, the same statistics can be considered close to accurate for the role car color plays in an Orlando car accident.

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