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Five Signs Your Doctor Is Not Right for Your Florida Car Crash Injuries

After a car collision in Florida, you may be taken to see somebody other than your regular doctor to help diagnose and treat your injuries. The doctor you see will then perform a physical exam and diagnose your injuries. This person has a direct impact on your overall health, as well as how much you receive in an insurance claim.

We have heard too many stories of people going to the doctors recommended by their insurance companies and having a poor experience. These people were left feeling unheard and untreated. This can hurt your settlement claim.

Here are five signs you should find a new doctor after your Florida car crash.

  1. Quick appointment– If your appointment only lasts five or ten minutes, you may not have the chance to tell the doctor what you are experiencing.
  2. Incomplete exam– Your doctor may miss the areas that are hurting you which can raise the suspicion that they are intentionally avoiding that part of your body.
  3. Few questions asked– If you are not asked enough questions regarding your injury and pains, you may not have the chance to express what is hurting you most.
  4. Doubts on the part of the doctor– If your doctor is doubtful of your injuries, chances are they will not document them appropriately.
  5. Quick conclusions– Your doctor may draw a fast conclusion about your injuries without doing a proper exam.

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If you are unsure of whether your doctor is doing a sufficient job of diagnosing you and treating your injuries after a Florida car crash, you are probably not in good hands. Contact our Orlando car crash attorneys for help handling your case in this situation so that you can get the treatment you need and the compensation you deserve

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