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Five Things You Should Do to Prepare for Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

Many accident victims find themselves dealing with an insurance adjuster soon after the accident. As an Orlando, Florida car accident lawyer, I caution my clients not to rush into saying too much to the adjusters immediately after a crash. You’re shaken up and frustrated in an emotional state you’re more prone to saying things without thinking, and that can ruin your car accident claim.

Before you start dealing with an insurance adjuster,take the time to prepare with these five steps:

  • Review your insurance policy –see what coverage you carry and the limits you have set so you’ll have a better idea of what you may be entitled to in a settlement offer.
  • Look up the value of your car –if the insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss you’ll want to know the cash value of your car to ensure they’re not short-changing you.
  • Collect all evidence related to your accident –keep all of your accident-related expense receipts, documentation of doctor visits, medical records, police reports, witness information, and correspondence with the insurance company so it’s available for easy reference.
  • Take notes –keep a record of when you talk to the insurance companies including the agent’s name, time, date, and briefly note what was discussed. Keeping a pain diary detailing how your injuries impair your daily life can also be useful.
  • Talk to an Orlando, Florida car accident lawyer –don’t feel pressured to respond to the insurance company yourself. A lawyer can take over negotiations with the insurance company so you can focus on recovering.


I’ve handled hundreds of claims with the insurance companies and they still use the same strong-arm tactics to get accident victims to settle their claims without taking time to think about their long-term situation. The initial settlement your insurance company offers will rarely cover the complete value of your claim.An Orlando, Florida car accident lawyer can review your settlement offers, and help with negotiations. A lawyer can also provide guidance for dealing with an insurance adjuster when filing a car accident claim

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