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Five Ways You Can Help Stop Texting While Driving to Avoid a Florida Auto Accident

You have likely been there. Your phone chimes with a note from a friend you are about to meet, a loved one you have not heard from in a long time, or your boss needing an urgent response. In today’s instant gratification society, answering these chimes has become an inherent part of how we operate on a daily basis. So when the phone chimes and you are driving, it can be tempting to reach down and send off a quick response.

This temptation has led to the cause of hundreds of drivers in Orlando car accidents. To help you do your part in stopping crashes as a result of texting while driving, here are five tips to remember:

  1. Be thoughtful– If you know somebody is driving, do not tempt them by sending a text message. Instead, wait until you are sure he has arrived at his destination.
  2. Use self-control– Although the temptation may be there, you make the choice of whether or not you pick up your phone and read or respond to a text message. Use self-control to make the right decision for you and your fellow drivers safety and avoid picking up your phone.
  3. Set a positive example– If you want to teach your teens not to text and drive, don’t do it yourself. Setting a positive example can have a profound impact on your teen’s behavior.
  4. Maintain focus– While driving, it is important that your focus is on the road in front of you. Stay focused on the traffic and your surroundings instead of on your phone.
  5. Be proactive– If setting down your phone is too difficult, you may need to be proactive in stopping your own usage. Put your phone on silent and out of reach to make it easier to resist temptation.

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