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Florida Car Accident Awareness: Be Vigilant to Risky Road Conditions

We consult with many drivers in our office who’ve had a car wreck through no fault of their own. Oftentimes, accidents occur because of conditions that are beyond a driver’s control. Roads here in the Sunshine State expose motorists to unique driving hazards, and when drivers are less than vigilant, a Florida car crash can happen in an instant. From a sudden downpour of rain to poor signage in dangerous areas, motorists can find themselves in an unexpected situation and vulnerable to a motor vehicle mishap.

To reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident resulting from hazardous road conditions, here are a few tips to keep in mind before hitting the road.

  • Make sure your vehicle is in optimal working condition.If your brakes are worn or your tires are improperly inflated or have lost their tread, stopping on rain-slickened roads can be virtually impossible. You could easily find your car spinning out of control.
  • Do not use cruise control during a rainstorm.Hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle’s wheels are spinning but cannot grip the road. This is extremely dangerous. To help prevent hydroplaning, turn your cruise control off during heavy downpours.
  • Always turn your headlights on.Rainy conditions and sharp corners can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. Having your headlights on makes your vehicle more visible to others on the road, which can help prevent a collision.

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