Florida Auto Accident Statistics

Taking a drive through Orlando, one will notice vehicles on the side of the road that have recently been in a crash. Orlando car wrecks are, indeed, quite common. They can be very dangerous, as well. With the number of miles the average person drives every year, accidents are bound to occur.

The Florida car crash statistics show that crashes are common—and dangerous. Below are some statistics regarding car wrecks in Florida, as stated in the 2010 Florida Traffic Crash Statistics Report:

  • Number of crashes –The total number of crashes for the state of Florida in 2010 were 235,461. That comes out to an average of 645 wrecks per day. This number was a slight decrease from the previous year, when there were 235,778 crashes.
  • Fatalities –In 2010, Florida auto accidents resulted in 2,444 fatalities, which was a 4.64 percent decrease from 2009.
  • Injuries –Injuries are hard to avoid in an auto accident. In 2010, there were 195,104 injuries resulting from car crashes in Florida, down about 1 percent from the year before.
  • Alcohol –Alcohol was deemed a factor in 17,748 Florida car accidents in 2010. Of these crashes, 794 involved fatalities and 12,168 resulted in injuries. Both numbers represent a decrease from the previous year.
  • Teens –Teenagers have less experience on the road and are therefore more likely to be involved in an accident. In 2010, there were 26,848 crashes in Florida involving teens. More than 18,000 teenagers were injured and 144 were killed.

In just about all of the statistics for 2010, there was a decrease in the negative factors. There were fewer fatalities, injuries, and accidents overall, which of course is a great trend to see.

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