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Florida Insurance Disputes Attorney Shares Another Reason Why Your Auto Insurance is So Expensive

As you know, I like to keep track of reasons that your auto insurance premiums really cost so much. I know, I really should get some better hubbies, but, this stuff is just too good, and I really could not make it up even if I tried.

A new report shows that Geico spent about $994,000,000.00 in 2011 on advertising. That number is not a misprint or typo, and in case you missed it, that’s $994 Million. That is four times the largest ten year baseball contract in the history of the game, for one year. You can read the full report at http://www.propertycasualty360.com/2012/06/22/geico-ad-spending-far-outstrips-its-peers. $994 million is a lot of Gecko’s and caveman.

Don’t fall for funny TV ads, or false “neighborly” and “on your side” promises. Do your homework. Call an accident attorney and ask who is fair and who is not. Remember, your car insurance company has the power to keep you from being sued, and you should find one who uses your premium dollars on the same, not on $900 million dollars of TV ads.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

I always recommend Amica, Travelers, and Auto Owners. They are not always perfect either, but look like saints next to their competition.

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