Florida Leads Nation in Deadly Crashes Involving Drivers Over 65

Florida is often known for its population of retired residents over the age of 65. Many of them live here full time while others are “snowbirds” who visit our state for a few months out of the year.  A great number of these retired individuals are on the roads, and while many of them are perfectly safe behind the wheel, other times, the opposite is the case.

Florida leads the nation in the number of fatal accidents involving drivers over the age of 65, with Alachua County being one of the top ten counties in the state, according to the Department of Transportation.

As people age, many different changes occur, both mentally and physically. Some of these changes can affect their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Failure of eyesight and loss of muscle control or the ability to react quickly and appropriately in an emergency can lead to accidents.  Also, a driver’s lack of flexibility and diminished hearing can affect their ability to operate a vehicle safely on the roads.

Florida recognizes these physical limitations that come with age, which is why our state requires that drivers over the age of 80 to have their licenses renewed every six years. However, many of these limitations start to occur way before a person turns 80, which is why it is important that family members and loved ones of an aging individual keep an eye on that person’s overall wellness, and their ability to safety operate a vehicle.  Medications they are taking can also affect their driving ability and reaction time. Addressing these issues with your aging loved one not only helps protect them, but also the drivers sharing the road with them.

Broaching this sensitive subject can be difficult. After all, the ability to drive whenever you want and wherever you want gives a sense of freedom and independence. It can be an admission of defeat for someone to finally admit that he or she is no longer able to drive.  There are signs you should look for if you have an aging loved one you feel may be getting too old to drive. It is for this reason that it is extremely important to approach this topic with care when speaking with your aging relative. Mention it at the appropriate time and in a manner that is not threatening or embarrassing for them.

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