Florida Truck-Crash Cases

Due to sheer size and weight differences of the vehicles involved, Florida occupants of cars do not fare well in accidents with large trucks. Approximately one in eight Florida traffic fatalities involve a tractor-trailer or semi-truck. Well over 90 percent of these fatalities befall occupants of the smaller vehicle.

From 1999–2009, nationally, the number of injuries and deaths caused by truck accidents dropped by 18 percent and 14 percent, respectively—good news. The bad news is that in 2010, the number spiked by nearly 9 percent over 2009 numbers. Whether this is a one-year blip or the start of a new trend remains unknown. As of 2010, Florida’s truck-crash rate was at its lowest since 2001. But more and more trucks will be entering Florida’s highways due to economic need and population increase.

Florida has two of the busiest and deadliest highways in the country: I-95 and I-4. With a mix of commuters, tourists, and local and long-haul truck drivers, these corridors lend themselves to more volatility and—no surprise—speed is oftentimes a major player in accidents.

Florida multi-vehicle truck-crash cases are more complex than auto-on-auto cases. The cause of the accident needs to be determined; the issue of truck ownership may be a challenge to sort out; various third-party entities may be entangled in the case; and specific information on the driver of the truck, driver’s logs, and load/cargo issues must be collected.

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