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Get Help With A Hospital Lien After Your Car Accident

Having a Car Accident in Central Florida can put you in a financial bind fast. If you received care at a Central Florida Emergency Room or Hospital, there is a very high chance that the Hospital has now filed a lien against you and your personal assets.

There are special laws, both under Florida Statutes and local ordinances, which allow ER providers and hospitals to file liens against you for services rendered. Under these laws, the hospital would be entitled to your full settlement! There is an exception to this general rule, and that is that if you have an attorney, the hospital cannot take monies your recover for attorney’s fees and costs.

This is another reason why when facing an insurance claim for car accident injuries, you should retain an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible. At our firm, we have years of experience in working with our local trauma, ER, and hospital providers to successfully resolve these liens in your favor. We make sure this lien does not linger, and we make sure the hospital doesn’t get your full settlement monies.

Get An Experienced Central Florida Auto Accident Attorney On Your Side

If you are facing a hospital lien as a result of your car accident care, give us a call to see how we can help, at 855-What-Next (855-942-8639) today, to see how we can help. Remember, this hospital lien will stay with and/or allow the hospital to recover all of your settlement monies. So don’t delay, allow us to completely resolve the lien for you.

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