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Share the Road: How to Prevent a Florida Car Crash With a Bicyclist

Bicyclists are at a distinct advantage on the roadways because the size of their mode of transportation is significantly smaller than that of an automobile, leaving them more prone to injury. For this reason, more Orlando drivers are doing their part to share the road with cyclists in an effort to prevent an accident. A car crash in Florida with a bicyclist can have some devastating effects.

To help stop a bicycle and car collision in Orlando, here are a few tips for drivers, so they can learn to share the road with caution and everyone can ride safely.

  1. Be familiar with the bicyclists’ rights—Many drivers are unaware or simply forget that bicyclists also have rights on the roadways. For example, some people assume that a bicyclist must stop for a car turning right. But in Florida, bicyclists who are riding in the same direction as traffic in their designated lanes have the same rights as cars do, and should be treated as such.
  2. Take extra precautions at intersections—Intersections are some of the most dangerous spots on the roadways for cyclists. When cars are coming from both directions and many are turning, it is easy for bicyclists to be in a blind spot and not be seen by the driver until it is too late. When you are behind the wheel it is important to be aware of cyclists and always double check at an intersection to see if a bicyclist may be close to your vehicle.
  3. Use the three foot rule—When you pass a bicyclist on the roadway, give him or her some extra clearance whenever possible. The general rule of thumb that bicyclists appreciate is a minimum distance of three feet.
  4. Avoid acceleration while passing—Another important rule of passing a bicyclist is to avoid the gas pedal as you approach them from behind. If you are passing a bicyclist, do so slowly. The sound of a car accelerating behind a cyclist can be unnerving and cause the cyclist to panic, which may lead to a car collision on Florida streets.

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Bicyclists have the right to share the road. For drivers, it is important that they remain aware and vigilant. If you are involved in a car collision with a bicyclist in Florida, contact the Auto Justice Attorneys Orlando car accident lawyers for help with your case.

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