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How to Best Approach Intersections to Avoid Florida Motorcycle Wrecks

A large percentage of motorcycle accidents in Florida happen at intersections, where cars frequently make left turns in front of oncoming motorcycles. Drivers of passenger vehicles check before they turn to make sure that other cars and trucks aren’t coming toward them, but they might not be expecting a motorcycle.

When you’re out for a spin on your bike, be sure to approach intersections with extra caution. Here are a few other steps you can take to help prevent being involved in a motorcycle crash in Orlando:

  • Wear bright colors.It stands to reason that the more visible you are, the less chance there is that a driver won’t see you. Wearing bright clothing and riding gear helps you stand out from your surroundings. This applies not only at intersections, of course, but it can be particularly helpful at intersections, where drivers may be focusing intently on the turn they’re about to make, whether it’s a left turn or a right turn. Give them a good reason to notice you—before it’s too late to avoid hitting your motorcycle.
  • When possible, let a larger vehicle enter the intersection first.If you’re stopped at an intersection, when the light changes, let a car (or a truck) go through the intersection ahead of you if that’s an option. If you’re the first to enter the intersection, you could open yourself up to the risk of being hit by a car that’s running a red light. A car is far easier to see than you are and can help stop someone from being tempted to run the red light. However, you also need to make sure that a larger vehicle isn’t preventing other drivers from being able to see you.
  • Pretend you’re invisible.While this piece of advice is valuable anytime you’re riding your motorcycle, it can be particularly important at intersections. With traffic moving in all directions, you and your bike are more difficult to see. If you think to yourself that no one can see you, it will help you drive more defensively.

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