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How to Cope With a Brain Injury After a Florida Motorcycle Wreck

Many of our Orlando motorcycle accident clients come to us with a number of severe injuries following their wreck. These injuries are difficult to cope with. One of the most challenging wounds that we see in our clients is traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These injuries leave people struggling to think clearly and remember specifics, creating a profound impact on their day-to-day lives. Because these injuries are not only physically impairing but also cognitively impairing, TBI tends to be one of the harder injuries to handle.

Here are a few tips we give our clients to help after experiencing TBI following an Orlando motorcycle crash.

  • Write notes—This will make it less frustrating if you forget something you know you should remember.
  • Take walks—Clearing your head in the open air is a good way to refocus your brain.
  • Set up a routine—Routines are a good way to manage your schedule so that you do not feel as disorganized or confused about where you need to be next.
  • Change work expectations—Realize what you are capable of at the moment and change your expectations of yourself to be realistic.
  • Stay focused—Try to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid distraction to get through things faster.

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