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Three Tips for Handling Medical Claims After a Car Crash in Florida

Injuries following a car accident in Orlando are not uncommon. The stress put on your body following a traumatic event such as this can leave you dealing with a lifetime of pain and suffering. You know you are hurt, but you may be unsure of where to begin in terms of getting treatment and receiving compensation for the treatment you require.

Compensation for medical ailments following a Florida car accident is not always as easy to receive. There is a lot that goes into the insurance company’s decision about how much they will cover your injuries, if they cover any at all. While the Florida car wreck may not have been your fault, there is still a substantial possibility that you could be denied full compensation for your medical expenses if not done properly. To help, here are three tips that will increase the likelihood that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

  1. See a doctor right away– When you are in a car accident, your body goes into shock. This shock can mask the pain you are feeling. Because of this, you may not realize that you are hurt until days after the crash. Don’t wait to see a doctor until you think you are hurt. Instead, see a doctor immediately after the accident so that the insurance company can see that there were ailments caused by the collision.
  2. Document everything– From day one, it is important to document everything. Write down how you feel, how your symptoms are different than before the accident and what in your life has had to change as a result of your injuries. This will give you a better record of the pain and trauma you endured as a result of the crash.
  3. Do not over treat your symptoms– Some people may recommend that you receive treatment at the same time for past ailments in an effort to try to get them covered by the other person’s insurance company. Doing this can have a negative impact on your case and may cause you to be denied compensation for your entire claim. Only ask for compensation to treat injuries that were caused by the accident.

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