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Three Tips to Help Keep Your Family Safe from a Florida Rollover Accident

An SUV is the ideal car for a family. It is sporty on the outside and spacious enough on the inside to hold everyone and all your belongings. It can also go off road and bring you and your family to new places. But if you are not careful, an SUV can also put you at risk for a Florida rollover crash.

Rollovers in Florida are not uncommon, especially in an SUV. This top-heavy vehicle is designed to be able to drive over rough terrain, which requires it to sit higher up over the ground. By sitting up higher, the car becomes a bit riskier to drive. If you are an SUV driver, there are a few things you can do to help prevent an auto accident in Florida in your SUV.

  • Check your tires regularly –One of the most important components of your vehicle that keeps you firmly on the ground is the tires. The grip on your tires is important to protect your car from tipping over due to taking a turn too quickly. By frequently checking your tires, you can help prevent a rollover in Orlando.
  • Do not overload your vehicle on top –As previously mentioned, SUV’s are already inherently top heavy. To help protect your SUV from getting even more top heavy, try to avoid piling luggage and heavy items on top of your car. This will only overload the chassis and make your SUV more likely to roll over.
  • Use extra caution on the open rural roads –The majority of rollover accidents in Florida happen on rural roads. If you are driving too fast in unfamiliar territory, or feel safer because there are fewer cars nearby so you increase your speed, you put yourself at risk. Take these roads with care and caution.

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