How to Prevent Injuries and Accidents at your Upcoming Tailgate

The arrival of football season means tailgating is officially in full swing! Many of us look forward to the grilled foods, drinks, and bonding with fellow sports fans before heading into the stadium. As excited fans prepare to enjoy the game and tailgating festivities, there are safety hazards associated with these events that should not be overlooked. This football season, stay safe by following these tailgating safety tips.

  • Store Food Properly. Ice can be used to keep drinks cold, but it is also vital in keeping perishable foods fresh. Store foods at below 40 degrees until you are ready to cook them.
  • Cook Food Properly. Ensure meats are cooked thoroughly and discard any uneaten leftovers. This will prevent food poisoning and illness. Be careful not to cross contaminate when preparing meats.
  • Bring a Fire Extinguisher. When grilling, cooking fats combined with hot coals or gas can cause flames. Be prepared by having a fire extinguisher on hand in case of a fire.
  • Have a “No Glass” Rule. For drinks, opt for cans instead of glass bottles. Use plastic or paper cups rather than glass. Tailgating can produce large crowds in close proximity. Glass items can become hazardous to individuals and vehicles if broken.
  • Never Drink and Drive. With vehicles and pedestrians gathered in close proximity, one must be extremely careful when driving to and from a tailgating event. Drive defensively and be aware of other vehicles and pedestrians who may be intoxicated. Always have a designated driver and NEVER drink and drive.
  • Avoid Conflicts.Tailgating events can become dangerous when you combine excited fans and excessive alcohol. Steer clear of situations that may lead to a confrontation. If you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, walk away.

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Be Safe At Your Next Tailgate

Following these safety tips will help you avoid injuries and accidents while at your upcoming tailgating event. However, it is impossible to predict the actions of others, particularly behind the wheel. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, it is important that you contact an experienced Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer immediately. Our experienced team of accident attorneys can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, future medical treatment, loss of wages, pain and suffering, etc. Feel free to fill out our quick contact form on our website to discuss your legal options in greater detail.

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