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How to Recognize Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Although filing a claim is a smooth process for some, bad faith insurance tactics can turn filing auto insurance claims into a long, arduous insurance dispute. Claimants who suspect an insurance company is acting in bad faith can find assistance from their car accident lawyer in Orlando.

Signs Of Bad Faith Insurance

One sign of bad faith insurance is an unreasonable delay with investigating the claim. It helps to put everything in writing, such as dates and times of communication with the insurance company and when paperwork was filed. This way, you can track how long the process is taking and use it as evidence if necessary.

Another sign of bad faith is when coverage is unfairly denied. Insurance companies may attempt to misinterpret what is contained in the policy. This tactic can sometimes be proven by citing the policy itself – a car accident lawyer in Orlando can help evaluate the terms of the policy compared to the insurance company’s interpretation.

Since the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible, they may try to use retaliation as a way to get you to accept a lower settlement. Tactics could include the threat of higher rates or cancellation of the policy.

If the insurance company keeps losing paperwork or asks for something that has already been provided, this may also be a sign of bad faith. This could be the company’s way of delaying the process, but it might also be a deceptive practice aimed at getting the claimant to give up pursuing a claim, or settling it quickly just to get it over with.

Finally, when an accident is clearly someone else’s fault but the insurance company continues to try to shift the blame, it may be a case of bad faith. Bottom line is the insurance adjusters are likely trying to diminish or deny your claim.

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