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Avoiding a Orlando Auto Accident After a Breakdown

Americans typically drive thousands of miles in their vehicle every year. We might drive our cars every day without ever having a problem, and we can sometimes become complacent. We take it for granted that our vehicle is dependable. We rely on our vehicle to take us wherever we need to go, to the grocery store, to work, or on a family trip.

In this difficult economy, many people are trying to squeeze extra miles out of their vehicle before buying a new one. These additional miles create added wear and tear on the motor and its components, so it’s more important than ever to keep your vehicle well maintained, to decrease the risk of having it break down. Breaking down on the road can be dangerous and can lead to a Florida car accident.

If your car should happen to break down, it’s important to know what you should do. The following are tips that will help keep you safe if your vehicle leaves you stranded on the road:

  • Get somewhere safe.If your vehicle breaks down while you’re driving, stay calm and get to a safe spot. If possible, use your car’s momentum to get the vehicle onto the shoulder of the road. Be sure to use your blinkers, and hand signals if necessary, to let other vehicles know that you are pulling over.
  • Use your hazard lights.The first thing you should do after making it to the side of the road is to turn on your hazard lights. Make it part of your routine before operating any vehicle to know where the button or switch for the hazard lights is located.
  • Get out of your vehicle.Alert all passengers of the situation and let them know that you are going to be exiting the vehicle. Exit on the passenger side and stand away from any traffic on the road. If you feel there is no safe place to stand away from traffic, call the police for assistance.
  • Contact roadside assistance.It is always a good idea to have access to some sort of roadside assistance service for times such as this. Most of these services are reasonably priced and will tow you to safety.

Hire an Experienced Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer

Having your vehicle break down on the road can place you in a very dangerous situation. If you’ve been involved in a car wreck in Florida because of a broken-down vehicle, contact an Orlando car crash attorney at Auto Justice Attorney for a free consultation. Call 407-422-4529 today to discuss your legal options.

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