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Maintain Your Vehicle to Avoid a Car Crash in Orlando

It’s another beautiful day in Orlando, and you decide it’s a great opportunity to take an afternoon drive with your family. As the kids pack up their things, you prepare a tasty picnic to take along. Everyone enthusiastically piles into the car and buckles up. As you’re heading toward one of your favorite spots, you begin to hear a strange sound coming from your vehicle. Moments later, you’re stranded on the side of the road.

Breakdowns happen, and they’re frequently the cause of Florida car crashes. The best way to avoid a breakdown is to properly maintain your vehicle. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the odds of being stranded on the side of the road:

  • Check your vehicle’s fluids.Regularly check the level of all fluids in your vehicle, particularly the oil in your car’s engine. Older vehicles tend to burn more oil and are more likely to leak oil as compared with newer models. Correct fluid levels are crucial in keeping your vehicle running properly.
  • Check your tires.Many people wind up being stranded because of tire problems. Periodically check your tire pressure and be sure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested psi. Also, be sure to check the tread and walls of your tires for signs of wear and tear.
  • Schedule routine maintenance visits.Take your car in for all manufacture-recommended maintenance procedures. This will keep your vehicle running longer and smoother. Check your owner’s manual to see when your car is due for maintenance.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

Taking these few basic steps can help to keep you safe while you’re on the road in Florida. However, if you’ve been injured in an accident, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact an Orlando car wreck attorney at Auto Justice Attorney for a free case evaluation. Call 407-422-4529 today to learn about your legal options.

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