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More Defensive Driving Tips to Help Avoid a Florida Motorcycle Wreck

The freedom that motorcyclists feel as they’re seated behind the handlebars can be exhilarating. Nothing quite compares with seeing the pavement zipping by beneath you and feeling the air pressing against you as you ride down the road. But the thought of having a thrilling ride turn into a motorcycle crash in Florida makes some people worry that the excitement isn’t worth the risk.

Although accidents are never completely unavoidable—no matter how well you drive—practicing defensive driving tactics is a good way to protect yourself and others on the road. Here are a few ways you can be safer while you’re on your bike:

  • Avoid lane splitting. Cutting between lanes and weaving in and out of traffic are among the chief causes of motorcycle accidents. The smaller size of a motorcycle relative to other vehicles on the road makes it easy for a motorcyclist to navigate through traffic in such a way, but doing so is far from safe and, in fact, is illegal. Stay in your lane just as you would if you were operating a car or a truck, and you will be far safer.
  • Never drink and drive. It’s common knowledge that getting behind the wheel of a car is dangerous after drinking alcohol. The danger is amplified on a motorcycle, because there’s a greater risk of collision and injury. To be on the safe side, never get on your bike after you’ve been drinking.
  • Assume you haven’t been seen. When you are making a left turn or a car is turning left in your direction, assume that the other driver has not seen you. Slow down and make sure they catch your eye before you continue on your path. Practicing this simple step doesn’t take much extra time, and it could keep you from being seriously injured in a Florida motorcycle collision.

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