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Florida Motorcycle Accident Victims Are Most Likely to Experience One of These Injuries

When compared with other drivers, motorcyclists face a far greater risk of being injured in an accident. And, in the majority of motorcycle crashes in Florida, bikers sustain far worse wounds than do drivers who are surrounded by the metal frame of a car or truck.

Below are some of the most common injuries motorcyclists risk when they head out on the open road:

  • Road rash.When a motorcycle crashes and the rider hits the pavement, skidding along the rough asphalt surface can lead to a severe case of road rash. Even though this type of injury is usually “only” a flesh wound, many of those who’ve experienced a bad case of road rash claim that it’s one of the most painful injuries a motorcyclist can receive. Fortunately, road rash is rarely life threatening and heals with time, although there’s nearly always some amount of scarring.
  • Broken and fractured bones.These injuries result when a rider is thrown from the bike and lands with great force on a hard surface or object, when another vehicle or a large object (including debris from the crash) hits the rider, or when the bike falls on the rider after being knocked over. Bones in the shoulder, pelvic girdle, and elbow are among those that are most commonly broken in motorcycle accidents.
  • Nerve damage.As a collision takes place, many times riders will try to brace themselves as they fall from the bike by holding out their arm. This can result in an injury frequently referred to as “biker’s arm,” in which there is serious nerve damage and the arm may be paralyzed.
  • Spinal cord injuries.These are among the most severe injuries and can be life-threatening or leave a rider paralyzed. Although they happen most frequently in high-impact accidents, even a low-speed motorcycle crash can result in a spinal cord injury.

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