Move Over Month Aims to Help Save First Responders’ Lives

Performing a traffic stop along a busy Florida highway is the “most dangerous thing law enforcement officers are going to encounter on a daily basis,” says Florida State Trooper, Ken Watson.
Florida law enforcement along with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are teaming up to bring awareness to the safety of its first responders. The month of January is “Move Over” Month, and is meant to alert Florida motorists of the dangers of violating our state’s Move Over laws and the risk it places on emergency responders.

Trooper Watson took FOX 13 News correspondents with him as he performed routine traffic stops in Sarasota. The news crew was able to see the dangers associated with the job and how many motorists disregarded his presence and the Move Over laws.

Although Move Over laws have been in effect since 2002, troopers said there were 161 crashes last year involving violations of the law.

Trooper Watson believes distracted driving is a contributing factor to the problem. “Quite frequently, people are driving distracted, so by the time they reach the policeman, or the trooper or even the tow truck driver it is too late, they have no time to move over,” he said.

“The most important thing for any law enforcement officer or service man is to come home safely and we need the public’s help to do it,” Trooper Watson said.

Move Over To Prevent Injuries for Florida’s First Responders

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