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New Survey Reveals Internet Use While Behind the Wheel on the Rise

Texting while driving used to be considered something that younger drivers did, but according to a new poll, this distracted driving behavior has spread to older drivers. Half of drivers 30-39, 31% of those 40-49 and 19% of those 50-64, said they text while driving. The national survey also found that one in four drivers are now accessing the Web while driving, too. The rise in ownership of smartphones- which allows the user to access the Internet, update social media sites and send and receive emails- has given drivers more opportunity than ever to become distracted while behind the wheel.

State Farm began asking drivers in 2009 whether they accessed the Internet while driving. The percentage of drivers who said they did has nearly doubled, from 13% in 2009 to 24% in 2013. Among drivers ages 18-29, that number increased from 29% to 49%. There were also jumps in the percentages of people who read or responded to e-mail, and who read or updated social media profiles while driving.

Much of the research and recent laws put into place have focused on texting while driving. The educational and marketing campaigns have targeted teen drivers and young adults with its messaging. However, the new study reveals that the increases are largely driven by the growing use of smartphones among drivers 40 and over.

For the past three years, the sharpest increases in smartphone ownership were among older drivers. For drivers ages 40-49, the percentage that owns smartphones rose from 47% in 2011 to 82% in 2013; for those 50-64, it went from 44% to 64%, and for those 65 and older, from 23% to 39%.

This research has proven that it is necessary for legislation to go beyond simply addressing the texting while driving issue. Internet use in general while driving, including posting updates to social media profiles, sending and receiving emails and surfing the web on Smartphones is just as dangerous.

The Internet Can Wait – Be Safe On The Roads!

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