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No One Should be Calling You After an Accident Unless You are calling Them – Protect Yourself Against Accident Solicitation

Recently, a former desk worker from Florida Hospital Celebration was arrested and charges were brought following an extensive investigation by the FBI into serious breaches in patient confidentiality. The former hospital employee, known as Dale Munroe, was accessing private patient records and information from auto accident admissions and selling them to a solicitor from a local chiropractor. Apparently the chiropractor was using this information to either directly contact local accident victims to come to his clinic for treatment, or he was giving the information to attorneys to do the same. This practice, frankly, disgusts me on so many levels.

First, it is a third-degree felony to directly contact and solicit an accident victim. No one, attorneys or doctors, can directly contact you within 30 days of your accident, unless you reach out and contact them first. If you get an unsolicited call from a lawyer or doctor that you did not call, get their name and number, and call the FBI and report it.

Secondly, if you suspect your where a victim of this scheme, you should contact Florida Hospital for the information on the identity theft protection services they are offering victims, and again, please contact the FBI.

I cannot stand cheaters, and lawyers and doctors doing this kind of thing are cheaters. Scams like this make it that much harder for all legitimate accident and injury victims to get the just compensation they deserve. It also makes it that much harder for lawyers like me to help these victims, because we all get cast as frauds and cheats, even when we are not.

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Lastly, this story is all the more reason to research very carefully the attorney you choose. How do you think the lawyers in this scheme and their clients are going to do? The answer is catastrophically bad.

Don’t be a victim, and choose your attorney wisely.

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