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Not Always A Walk In The Park

For Florida pedestrians, getting from point A to point B isn’t always a snap. For instance, sidewalks can pose risks for those traveling on foot.

A major crack in the sidewalk or raised sidewalk is a tripping hazard. Pieces of sidewalk may be uprooted due to a tree root’s handiwork. Debris may be scattered on a sidewalk, interrupting your normal path. A car parked in a driveway might illegally jut out onto a sidewalk, forcing you to walk around it, or concrete cutouts around trees may drop off suddenly. Leaves and other vegetation can disguise holes or cracks, or might be slippery. A tree or hedges may grow outward, reducing the width of the walkway. Lighting might be inadequate to see potential hazards. Bicyclists on the sidewalk can make life “interesting.”

Stepping onto a Florida roadway offers its own challenges. A sidewalk may be excessively high, posing a hazard to those stepping off or on. Parked vehicles may reduce one’s visibility to drivers, as might a tree overhanging the road. Potholes can menace pedestrians as well as drivers. Pooling water can cover up hazards or force altered routes. Beware of loose manhole covers and drainage grates.

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