One County In Florida Is Taking An Aggressive Stand During Spring Break

Walton County, FL deputies are taking an aggressive stand against spring breakers who choose to break the law this year. Deputies from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office addressed issues such as parking, noise, burglary and under-age drinking at a town-hall style meeting at the Sheriff’s Sub Station in South Walton.

Intoxication is considered to be the main problem associated with spring break, which can lead to dangerous, risk-taking behaviors and drunk driving. In addition to intoxication, authorities said they will be cracking down on under-age use of tobacco, marijuana, fireworks, bonfires and dogs on the beach.

Authorities want spring breakers to know that if they violate these laws, they will go to jail. And if arrests are made, those being arrested can look forward to seeing a judge who will also be taking an aggressive stance against underage drinking. Deputies will be posted at the intersection of U.S. Highways 331S and 98 to help with traffic flow during the spring break season, which begins the first week of March and extends through the middle of April.

Don’t Drink and Drive During Spring Break

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