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One Key Step for Getting Peace of Mind After an Orlando Auto Accident

Whether it’s been five hours since your Orlando car accident or five weeks, odds are that your head is spinning with all the “stuff” you need to do with respect to the accident.

This “stuff” can run the gamut and can include:

  • Getting medical attention for injuries such as a concussion, contusions, or broken bones.
  • Researching and retaining an effective Florida auto accident law firm.
  • Researching and finding temporary child care so your family can function in the wake of your hospitalization/rehabilitation.
  • Rejiggering your household budget and finances to keep potential creditors at bay, pay your bills on time, repair your car, arrange for alternative transportation, etc.
  • Dealing with emotional “baggage” associated with the accident.

With all that “stuff” floating around in your mind, you can be forgiven for having a hard time readapting to life’s normal rhythms. Fortunately, with good productivity habits, accident victims can reclaim control—even in unusual, unfamiliar, and complex situations like yours. One of the best and simplest mechanisms is to make a list of everything that’s “in your head.”

Take 30 minutes or so to write down all the “stuff” that you have to do. For now, don’t worry about editing the list or figuring out how to process. Just get everything out of your head and onto a piece of paper (or some other external format) so you can evaluate it in an objective context.

You might be surprised by the volume of commitments on your plate! But do yourself a favor: Get an exhaustive overview of everything that’s pulling on your attention. Doing so will liberate you to think more spontaneously and creatively about how to move forward.

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