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Get ready for some changes to your Florida auto insurance—and they’re not good.

Channel 9 ran a story last week that explains the stark contrast in benefits available under the new PIP law. You can read it at http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/florida-pip-deadline-go-2-years-2-weeks/nPb3p/.

The story does a good job in pointing out how sometimes injuries from a car accident do not manifest themselves for a month or two, even longer. Under the new law, you have 14 days to present for medical care and treatment related to that accident. After that, your PIP is solely limited to $2,500.00, unless a very specific group of medical providers, M.D., dentist, D.O., or ARNP, says you have an Emergent Medical Condition. Good luck having your insurance company agree with that diagnosis. Why?

Simply, while only 4 types of providers can say who has an EMC, an unlimited number of providers can say you do not have an EMC. So what is your auto insurer likely to do? Say it is not an EMC every single tim

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

The first point is if you have any pain or symptoms following a car accident, you should treat immediately. You should also choose a treatment facility with an M.D. on staff, and/or get a referral to one, so you can be assessed for this criterion.

The two week time period for claims goes into effect in January, not July.

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