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Doctor/Patient Relationships Explained: Why They Are Crucial to Your Orlando Auto Accident Claim

You have been healthy the majority of your life and a doctor visit is not something you are accustomed to. Suddenly, you are involved in an auto accident in Orlando and your world has been turned upside down.

Car accidents are one of the most life-changing experiences and they can impact your daily routine for years to come. With frequent doctor visits and long-term treatment requirements, you may be left frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of time you must dedicate to getting your health back to normal again. The relationship you have with your doctor is important in helping your treatment go smoothly and as quickly as possible. It is also important in ensuring that the bills you incur will be paid for by the responsible party.

Here are a few tips from an Orlando auto accident attorney to make the most of your doctor/patient relationship:

  • Be prepared with questions before your appointments –You will undoubtedly run into some questions while you are not with your doctor. Write these down to make sure you get the answers you need while at your appointments.
  • Be open and honest about your symptoms –Some people are embarrassed by how hurt they are in an Orlando accident. Your doctor is there to help and it is important that you are open and honest about how you feel when you go to your appointments.
  • Follow all treatment plans recommended –The treatments that your doctor gives you are meant to help you feel better. Follow all of the recommendations given to you by your doctor. If you have any unusual side effects, let your doctor know right away, as there may need to be changes your course of treatment. This will also help with your insurance claim as you go to seek compensation for your treatments.
  • Keep copies of all paperwork –Be sure to keep copies of all paperwork, including hospital and doctor office statements, all letters of correspondence and treatment plans, list of medications used (along with receipts), documentation of physical therapy treatments, and any paperwork outlining expected future treatments or medications.

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