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What You Need to Know About Pain and Suffering Compensation After an Orlando Motorcycle Accident

Riding on a motorcycle puts you at an increased risk of injury. Without any protection surrounding your body besides the clothing you wear, your chances of being hurt in an Orlando motorcycle accident are higher than if you were in a car crash. Because of this, the laws for bikers to receive compensation for pain and suffering change.

In Florida, the personal injury protection (PIP) laws state that you may receive $10,000 in benefits. This does not include any money for pain and suffering. For motorcyclists, the laws are different. Here are some of the requirements that must be met if you want to recover non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, after a motorcycle crash in Orlando.

  • You must have some level of pain– Unlike being in a car accident, motorcycle accidents only require that you have some level of pain to receive compensation for pain and suffering. This means that you do not have to be severely injured to be compensated for the pain you experience.
  • The driver who hit you must have acted negligently –In many cases, fault lies with the driver of the vehicle who hit you, not with the motorcyclist. The driver must be found at fault in order for you to receive pain and suffering.
  • You must prove that their negligence is what caused your injuries –Your injuries must be a direct result of the motorcycle accident in Orlando. A doctor can help you document this to help make your claim easier.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

Calculating pain and suffering compensation is a complex matter and one that you may require the help of an experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney. At Auto Justice Attorney, we understand the complexities of these cases and can help you get what you deserve. Call us today (407-422-4529) for a free consultation and to learn more about pain and suffering compensation.

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