How to Reduce Injuries as a Pedestrian in an Orlando Accident With a Car

For pedestrians, taking a stroll around a neighborhood, or walking instead of driving can be a nice change of pace. For others, it is necessary to walk as a mode of transportation to work and school. Pedestrians set out to their destination by foot following similar rules of the road as cars: cross when the traffic signals allow you to, stay in your ‘lane’ or on the sidewalk, and do your best to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

If you are a pedestrian and find yourself faced with a potential collision with a vehicle, here are three steps you should try to follow in order to reduce the impact to your body and protect yourself from injuries.

  • Protect your head– It is a natural instinct to protect yourself if you fall. If possible, try to protect your head from injury. Traumatic brain injuries leave Orlando accident victims with long-term damage, and can sometimes even be life-threatening. The best way to protect your head is to bring your arms up and create a “helmet” around your head.
  • Aim for the glass –In any car built after the 1970s, the windshield has what is called safety glass. This glass is shatter resistant and can act as a buffer so you do not take as hard of a blow. Try rolling to the safety glass whenever possible.
  • Jump before the car hits you –If you see a car approaching you, try jumping just before impact. This will help minimize the impact you feel and may reduce the extent and severity of your injuries.

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