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People You Should Talk to After a Florida Motorcycle Wreck

When we talk to clients, we always advise them to be careful about whom they talk to following a motorcycle accident in Orlando. This is important, as what you can say in the excitement of the moment could inadvertently put your case at risk, and you might not even realize it. Insurance companies are clever when it comes to finding ways of indicating that you’ve admitted fault, even when you may not have been responsible for causing the accident.

Still, there are certain people you will need to reach out to and work with after being involved in a Florida motorcycle accident, including:

  • The police.When police officers arrive at the scene of your accident, they will need to put together a police report. While it’s important to cooperate with the police, keep in mind that it’s acceptable to tell them you’re not able to remember specific details. This is better than giving an answer you’re unsure of.
  • Witnesses.You will want to gather contact information from any witnesses who stopped following your crash, as they could be helpful to your case. While you’re collecting this information, you should not discuss the accident details. Just ask for the information that is necessary to get in touch with those who saw what happened.
  • An attorney.Accident cases can be complicated, and without the help of an experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you risk losing your case. By seeking the assistance of a qualified lawyer, you improve your chances of getting the settlement you deserve.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Knowing who to talk to immediately following a motorcycle wreck in Orlando can help you have a stronger case. Contact Auto Justice Attorney to help you work with the insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve.

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